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Why GradUit? Because "U" are always bigger than "it", whatever your challenge may be.

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Goals take time, hard work, perseverance and commitment to achieve. And results often do not come as quickly as you hope. You can easily lose the motivation in the process and give up. But everything changes when you leverage an accountability system. To “be accountable,” all you need is a clear goal and a willingness to let others help you achieve it. (To read the full article go to https://bit.ly/2BD6uPO)

Community, Change & Choice

We all have a right to create change. First we must decide - when you are ready to make a CHANGE in your life, it starts with the CHOICE. Taking action to move towards positive change often requires the support of a COMMUNITY to succeed. GradUit Thrivers is a positive, supportive community where change is possible and often achieved when you are ready to commit to the work!

From Vision to Reality

Allowing yourself to dream and create a life you truly desire begins with seeing possibilities, what you want your life to look like and then creating images that reflect those dreams and desires. Our signature Vision Board workshop includes tools that maximize the manifestations of your vision. See our calendar of events for the next session.

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