Monthly Archives: January 2016

Lighting the Fire that Ignites

By Liz M Raymond, Co-Founder GradUit Thrivers Inc. I got up this morning and found myself staring at my dreamboard and wondering what I was thinking when I created the tiles that were situated in the square.  When I reviewed each one I could see that I was being hopeful, but not REALLT focused on […]

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What is the Size of your Belief?

  There is nothing like an hour long drive listening to “The Magic in Believing” for the umpteenth time to help me get a little perspective.  This book is a great resource to break down the whole belief thing including tips for mastering better beliefs.  You could say that it is my “go to” book […]

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Influence is a powerful force!

As we launch into 2016, I am observing where I am influencing others and how I too have been influenced in the past. It is very fascinating now that I am more conscious of what I allow myself to be influenced by. All of the training as a GradUit has really helped me realize that I […]

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