Kristine Gravelle-Rystenbil

KrisAs a founding member of GradUit Thrivers, Kristine has been a member since 2009.

Through her 12-years of public sector and 15-years of private sector experience, Kristine guides emerging and established solopreneurs and other creative, independent professionals to make their way in the world doing what they love. Kristine’s journey is proof that with a healthy dose of focus and determination, it is possible no matter what your profession, career, or business, you can take steps to step into their own skin. Her broad career path has allowed this curious, resourceful, and gifted woman to gain experience in a wide variety of professional careers and environments.

Kristine shares,

“My career journey is a 37-year roller-coaster –from graphic designer, to artist, to administrative assistant, to human resources, to advanced energy healer and facilitator, and to communications officer. I’ve had experience in and earned my living in all of these fields – and then some. It wasn’t until I wanted to go into business for myself that I realized I was unable to choose a focus; I was frustrated, spinning my wheels and wasting money on training I didn’t need.

Scientific Hand Analysis was THE only way I was able to successfully identify what I was best suited for in my career and as an entrepreneur. This is why I studied it and use it to help people zero in on their Purpose, identify their business niche and what their untapped potential is, and to improve their relationships with the people around them.

The GradUit Thrivers has been instrumental in assisting me both professionally and personally with
• My business planning (yearly and monthly);
• Accountability – weekly calls with members help me stay on track with my project deadlines;
• Surrounding myself with like-minded professionals.

Any time I’ve felt uncertain in my business and needed support, I’ve always been able to speak with a member of the GradUit Thrivers to get back on track.”